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Bernstein Law Starts ‘Focus Group Oklahoma’


Focus Group Okla sign picHave you ever considered focus groups as part of your trial preparation?

The Bernstein Law Building is now home to Focus Group Oklahoma, a business that follows the “focus-group-first” mentality and provides trial attorneys with a state-of-the-art focus group experience, as explained hereProtect Your Business—Work With an Experienced Tulsa Attorney and make sure everything is in place.

By following the “focus-group-first” mentality, Focus Group Oklahoma allows for attorneys to focus more on their cases, avoid missing key points, learn what will persuade a jury and help get larger verdicts.

Prior to starting Focus Group Oklahoma, David Bernstein moderated nearly 100 focus groups for both cases he handles as well as cases for other lawyers to make sure all issues are considered. Take a look at what other attorneys have to say about Bernstein’s focus groups:

Pic 2 for DB back cover“Your focus group provided essential insight that multiplied the value of my case into a seven-figure case.”

“We learned so much at your focus group. I will definitely be singing your praises to others. Such a worthwhile exercise!”

“Your focus groups and trial advice were game changers! My firm will definitely use you again.”

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