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The right of trial by jury shall be preserved…

For most people, the law is something that only seems to matter when something bad happens to them or someone they love. But the reality is that both the law and the average American’s free and fair access to the courtroom has a profound effect. From simple grievances to the safety of everyday products like children’s toys, car seats, seatbelts, prescription drugs and more, the Civil Justice System impacts almost every area of our daily lives.

When we represent a client in a matter and take on big businesses with seemingly unlimited resources, the courtroom is often the only level playing field we can find. In its Seventh Amendment, the U.S. Constitution guarantees that a simple jury of every day people can stop even the strongest and most powerful organization (including our own government) from taking advantage of the average American citizen.

It’s one of our most important and cherished rights.

Increasingly those rights and the average citizen’s ability to have a fair day in court is being reduced and sometimes eliminated by the so-called “tort reform” measures that are moving through our legal system.

In Oklahoma, we’ve turned back many of these initiatives at the state level. But recent changes that are just now starting to come into effect may severely limit our access to courtrooms and juries. While many attorneys will work hard to fight for the Constitution and challenge these laws in the courts, lawyers alone will not be able to fully turn the tide.

Please, learn more about the real story of the “tort reform” movement and join us as we fight to protect our Constitution and keep our courtrooms open for all generations.