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Our Clients

We’re committed to our clients…

We’re committed to our clients. That’s something that’s easy to say and harder to prove. Here are some of the ways that we demonstrate our commitment to each client and case we represent every single day:

Personal Attention
We keep our practice small — on purpose. With one attorney and a dedicated staff, our size allows us to give personal attention to each and every case that comes into our firm. In some larger firms, clients may meet with a senior partner but have the majority of their case dealt with by a less-experienced associate. In our firm, Mr. Bernstein accepts each client and handles each case, personally, so clients can be sure they benefit from his nearly three decades of legal experience.

Honest Assessments
We make it our practice to be straightforward about the strength of a client’s case and the time that we think it will take to resolve it. We are not interested in over-promising the value or under-estimating the length of time simply to sign a client and secure our representation. We do promise that if we take a case, we will work diligently and provide practical guidance along the way, and we we will do everything we can to maximize its value for the client.

Focus Groups
One of the important things that distinguishes David Bernstein from most attorneys is that the Bernstein Law Building has state-of-the-art focus group facilities which are used to focus group every case. If a focus group determines a potential case is without merit, the case is declined. This focus-group-first mentality allows David Bernstein to have the confidence to spend whatever is necessary, even over $100,000 in expenses if required, to advocate on his client’s behalf.

Focus & Determination
We’re not afraid to take on the hard cases. Mr. Bernstein has a long history of taking on much bigger organizations (including insurance companies, banks, major corporations, etc.) — and winning. With two landmark cases won before the Oklahoma Supreme Court and a history of investing much more than the value of an individual case in order to seek precedent, Mr. Bernstein has proven his commitment to do what it takes to see his clients succeed.

“If I believe in the case, I just think you need to go forward, give it a hundred percent and spend whatever’s necessary.
When I’m gone, people will look back and say, ‘Those cases made a difference for individuals and people in Oklahoma.’ I’m grateful for the chance to do that.”
— David Bernstein